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San Juan del Sur

This picturesque beach town is the country’s most popular travel and vacation spot on the Pacific coast, as well as one of the most frequented towns by surfers. Once a peaceful fishing village, San Juan del Sur became an important transit point during California’s gold rush era via its Cornelius Vanderbilt route. The town would go on to slumber once the gold rush saw its end before hitting another boom in real estate.

The town is situated on a crescent-shaped bay of the same name and cloistered by prehistoric volcanic hills. Possible to be explored in approximately an hour, San Juan del Sur offers an interesting mix of local culture with a complete and diversified offering of tourist amenities including resorts, shops, restaurants, clubs, a central park, and language schools.

There are a number of wildlife reserves and unspoiled beaches (among the famous ones are beaches such as La Flor, Las Salinas, and El Yankee) to be visited along the coast, where you can enjoy activities such as surfing, scuba diving, exploring, fishing, horseback riding, canopy or rappelling tours, sailing, and whale watching.

Standing over 439 feet above sea level, on the summit of the highest hill, is the Christ of the Mercy statue. The location affords beautiful panoramic views of San Juan del Sur and its surroundings, and below is a small church where you can learn about its construction. You can also hike to see the old lighthouse and the nearby ruined fort of William Walker.

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